Find Out How to Use a Dental Gel Whitener

The procedure of teeth whitening is one of the most widely used treatments in the field of dentistry. In this procedure, the specialists use different kinds of equipments such as teeth whitening gels. They should not be considered as similar to teeth whitening toothpastes because gels are more powerful in bringing better outcomes than the toothpastes. However, the gels are generally comprised of Carbamide Peroxide component used by the specialists and sometimes included in home teeth whitening kits. Some of the dental gels are come with a blue laser that set off the whitening of your teeth while other gels are required just a laser as they can whiten teeth on their own.

The Use of Teeth Whitening Gels
The proper use of teeth whitening gels is explained here:

Mouth Tray
In most of the time, teeth whitening gels are used in combination with mouth trays. To start the procedure, you have to heat the mouth tray in the hot water so that you can shape it as per your teeth. Furthermore, you can also gauge the affectivity of teeth whitening gels by focusing on to the level of main component called Carbamide Peroxide level. The superior quantity of this component’s level may bring some rapid outcomes for your teeth. After this process, you have to lay the mouth tray on your teeth and slowly form it through your fingers.

Fitting the Mouth Tray
While applying mouth tray, you have to ensure that the mouth tray is properly fitted on your teeth and is cut in the order of the tooth line to avoid any extension or irrigation to the gums. However, there are several products of teeth bleach are available in the market, which require just a few hours of bleaching time on each day. If the gums are rendering to the bleach for the long time, then it can certainly cause temporary damage to the gums. Finally, your gums will be restored once you stop the tooth bleaching.

Percentage of Tube
While choosing an efficient teeth whitening gel, you must check the percentage that marked on the tube. By and large, the percentage of tube is around sixteen percent. Although, there are some bleaches available in the market that have the percentage as low as 10 percent but they usually take more time to whiten teeth. The bleaches of 20 percent or higher are considered as very strong as they can cause tooth sensitivity for the individual.

Color of Arch

While applying the procedure of dental gel whitener, you should bleach one arch first and then apply the other. It is important because you can compare the color of each arch to achieve the better outcome. Nevertheless, bleaching both arches at the same time is also an alternative for you. In order to get a much brighter smile, you should have enough bleach in each tooth space and wear the trays for the amount of time as suggested by your dentist. To achieve the desired outcome, you should purchase a tested tooth whitening gel of a reputed manufacturer. 


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