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Holland, strategically located on the western coast of the Netherlands, is reckoned as the main tourist spot in Europe for the worldwide travel vacationers. This beautiful place is blessed with abundant of natural and historical destinations where scores of travelers used to stopover during their holidays. Simultaneously, the worldwide tourists have plenty to enjoy with their family or friends at this awesome place for instance seeing the natural beauty of canals or relaxing at the sandy beaches. In addition, the presence of wonderful historic town centers and the classic windmills also magnets visitors from varied parts of the world. As a traveler, you just reserve an attractive travel package of Holland and you will be assured with fresh enjoyment and experience.

Holland is one of the main tourist hubs of the world.

Amsterdam is the capital city of Holland or Netherlands. Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, the city is also entered into the list of the top travel destinations on earth. It is efficiently blended with large amount of canals, islands and bridges.
5,488 km2
6,314,483 (till October 2013)
The official language of Holland is Dutch, which is spoken by bulk of the locals here. It is also officially used in the places like Suriname, Flanders, Sint Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and Brussels. Besides, there are also some other provincial languages spoken here for example Frisian, Limburgish, Papiamento and English.
Euro is the official currency used in Holland. It was adopted by the authority here in the year 2002 by replacing the Dutch Guilder. Euro is also the currency of several European countries and it is generally divided by 100 cents.
Holland generally maintains temperate maritime climate that largely influenced by the surrounded North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The summer season normally remains cool while people here enjoy moderate winter season.
Local Cuisine
The people in Netherlands love to eat scrumptious traditional Dutch cuisine, which consists of many vegetables and little meat. In reality, the travelers would enjoy lip-smacking food items whichever the part they go whether it is northeastern or western or southern region.
Transportation in Holland
The transportation in Holland is truly reliable and enjoyable to ride. It can be explained into various categories such as:
By Air: There are many domestic and international flights operating in major cities of Netherlands. You can board any of these flights to enjoy your reach at your preferred destinations in the country.
By Road: With the purpose of reaching one place to another in Holland, the bus service here is probably the best and cheapest option for you. Besides that, high-tech buses are the most prominent options among others.
By Train: To enjoy comfortable ride alongside picturesque attractions of the country, you should take assistance of large railway network here. High-speed trains and night trains are constantly working to take the passengers different corners of Holland.
Top Shopping Centers in Holland
Your tour to Holland would be incomplete if you won’t do shopping there. The country has various shopping centers located in its different locations.
Haarlem: It is a magnificent shopping place where the travelers can indeed enjoy shopping of clothing items, jewellery, antiques, boutiques, international retail brands and other kinds of items. In addition, you can also get pleasure from tasty dishes at several eating shops here.
Arnhem’s City Centre: Get whatever you would aspire for at this magnificent shopping centre. It is comprised of many popular shopping stores such as Grote Oord, Vijzelstraat and Roggestraat. Large amount of little stores and boutiques are available here.
Maastricht: It is certainly the city of markets where one can easily do shopping of antique furniture, fresh food products and wares.
The Hague Market: It is regarded as the biggest outdoor market in the entire Europe. Ideally situated on the Herman Coster Street, it consists of several retail stores and eating places that are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 
Top Restaurants in Holland
Enjoy yourself at the magnificent dining places in Holland. Some of them are being mentioned here:
Moeders: It is a beautiful restaurant that offers delicious variety of Dutch cuisines in a lively environment. The travelers can also enjoy here different range of wines and spirits during your dinner time.
Address: Rozengracht 251 1016 SX Amsterdam
Haesje Claes: Come here to taste delicious variety of traditional Dutch food mainly consists of pea soup, chicken livers and fish stew.
Address: 1012 RV Amsterdam
Cityview Bistro: It is perhaps the best place to savor modern American and sushi food dishes. The main menu here embraces vegetable lentil, chicken and rice, spinach almond and strawberry salad.
Address: 61 East 7th Street, Holland, Mi 49423
Windmill Restaurant: It is a worth-to-be-visited dining restaurant where the courteous staff serves omelette and other related food for breakfast and dinner.
Address: 28 W 8th St Holland, MI 49423
Top Tourist Attractions in Holland
Touring to Holland is the synonym of lots of happiness and enjoyment because this place is drenched with magnificent tourist attractions. Few of them are mentioned here:
The Hoge Veluwe National Park: It is the largest and most varied natural reserves in the whole country. By visiting here, you certainly enjoy plenty of wildlife animals and varied geographical formations. The main attractions here are 1700 white bikes that free for anyone to use, the Kroller-muller Museum, The Museonder Museum and Jachthuis Sint Hubertus Hunting Lodge.
Waddenzee: It is the abode of several migratory birds, all kinds of fish species and seals colonies. It is a wonderful nature reserve located in the province of Groningen. While visiting to this tourist attraction, one can also enjoy panoramic view of the surroundings.
Anne Frank House: Situated in Prinsengracht city of Amsterdam, this historical museum attracts visitors with its some kind of a story. It is assumed that it is the place where Anne Frank wrote her diary during the Second World War while living secretly here.
Ouwehands Zoo: Generally popular as the home of polar bears, this zoo attracts many visitors of Holland. Besides that, the presence of Humboldt penguins, white lions, sea lions and RavotAapia also entertains you in large manner.
Local Festivals in Holland
Make your Holland tour more memorable by indulging in the festive celebrations of the locals here:
Arrow Rock Festival: It was first organized in the year 2003 in the Netherlands. It is a rock festival where classic rock bands are performed. A number of international artists come and perform here.
Holland Festival: It is the oldest and largest performing arts festival in the country. It is usually conducted in June month of every year and on this day, people participate in theatre, music, opera and modern dance. Nowadays, multimedia, visual arts, film and architecture shows are also included.

Pinkpop Festival: It is the biggest annual pop music festival conducted in Holland. Several national and international pop and rock musicians get together here and showcases their performances in front of the large people. It is organized on weekend basis. 


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