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Wedding: A Life Changing & Making Event

Weddings in India
Life is all about happenings but there are few events that change our life such as wedding ceremony. It is the dream event for anyone where two individuals agreed to become life partner of each other. It is the event where not just a boy and a girl bonds in a new relationship but their families also indulge in fresh relationships. Further, new relationships give birth to new rights and duties which the couple has to follow in order to live a happy married life. Difficulties will come but proper and timely concern will save the husband and wife from them.

Weddings generally of two types - love marriage and arrange marriage. In love marriages, the couple starts with ‘coup de foudre’ and then promise to keep happy each other. But, perhaps most importantly, they have to agree their parents for their relationship and convince them that you will not break your love throughout the life. If your parents agreed then there will be no difficulty in tying the nuptial knot but when the situation is opposite______it’s better for me not to discuss that. Well! I generally believe that weddings are made in heaven and no power is supreme than God. No one can supervise him. If the God has decided that you are made for each other then no one can stop you to come together.

Let’s discuss further. Weddings in India are much longer events when compare to other countries. In fact, it is one of the striking features of our country. It is the event where so much importance is given to the rituals and ceremonies. Engagement ceremony, mehndi ceremony, sangeet ceremony, wedding ceremony and reception party are solemnized with great dedication and enthusiasm. Not just in bride’s home, many rituals are also performed in groom’s home too. Both are bounded to perform them. As we all know that India is a land of different religions and sects, thus wedding rituals also vary from one part to another. Marriages in metropolitan cities are different from the cultural marriages in other parts of the country. For instance, one can see a Royal Wedding in Rajasthan but in West Bengal, there are different ways of celebrating this crucial event.

The rituals and ceremonies of Indian weddings may be different but they are meant for only one purpose i.e. happiness. However, arranging a marriage event is not an easy cake walk. The parents of both groom and bride have to pre-plan everything for the appropriate wedding arrangements. Choosing the venue, caterer, entertainment, photographer and many more will certainly tired them when the date of main event comes. Nevertheless, the concept of wedding planners has boom up in India and therefore, one can see so many event management companies working in different corners of the country. They take all the responsibilities of wedding arrangements on their shoulders and make you relax in celebrating the event without any hustle and bustle.

When a girl and a boy get mature physically, mentally and economically, they come into a new phase of their life through marriage. It is the phase when both enter into “Grahastha Ashrama”, one of the four main phases of our life, according to Hindu belief. So, it is the duty of both of them to live their sacred relationship in sacred manner. Respect each other, love each other........thanks


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