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Best Colleges to Study Political Science in India

Political Science is more than a subject. Sometimes, it refers to as the 'Master Science'. Because, it includes everything i.e. study of governance, administration, inter-state relations, international relations and world politics. All these concepts form the basics of Political Science. From the ancient times to the modern world, there have been plenty of theories, thoughts and perceptions come from different intellectuals, thinkers and philosophers from across the world to define political science. It reflects the importance of this vast subject. 

Politics controls everything. From family to state to nation and to the world, we see everything is controlled by politics. Without the governance, there will be hustle and bustle whole around the world. As the Great Aristotle said in his ‘Politics’ - Politics and the Political Community must play a vital role in bringing about the virtuous life in the citizenry. By looking at the importance of Political Science, there are many institutes and colleges in India offering this subject to the young seekers.

Top Political Science Institutes in India

University of Delhi 

Renowned among the top universities in the country, University of Delhi has a professional team within its Department of Political Science. The courses in the subject are offered reflect the importance of Political Science during ancient time, contemporary and modern times. It has well-experienced lecturers, readers and professors who not concern with theoretical part of study but also understand this vital subject practically. Meanwhile, Delhi University also conducts seminars within its Faculty to make familiar its students with the thoughts of various Political experts in the country. Thus, as an aspirant, you should consider this number one University of India if you want your career in Political Science. 

Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College for Women 

Lady Shri Ram College of Women is an affiliated college of Delhi University. It is often said that girls don’t have much interest in Politics. But this college has changed this perception as it not only makes Political Science as a subject of interest but also enables its girl students to become professional in this field. It has quality teachers who know who to relate syllabus with the interest of students. For Political Science, LSR College of Women, University of Delhi, is surely a best bet. 

Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Pune

The Department of Politics and Public Administration is among the oldest departments of Pune University. Established in 1949, it runs postgraduate and doctorate courses in Political Science such as Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science and two Research Degrees in the subject - Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Scores of students across the country come at the University to learn Political Science through these educational programmes.

Centre of Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University 

Established in the year 1971, the Centre of Political Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University is also among the most preferred institutes for Political Science in India. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level programmes in Political Science. The students can seek their admission to its Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) courses of the Centre of Political Students, JNU Delhi.

Department of Political Science, University of Calcutta 

The Department of Political Science, University of Calcutta, is also favourable among the young aspirants of India to pursue study in Politics. The major advantage of studying the Master Science from this institute is that it has done vast research particularly on those areas where democracies not matter a lot, the Maoist Areas. However, the courses offered here are Master of Arts (MA), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). 

These are some top institutes for Political Science in India. But surely, there are many other colleges in the country where students always dream to get their admission for pursuing Political Science. Again, Politics is not merely a subject, it is a way of life.

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