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Overview Are you tired from the busy days of life? Come to Spain and rejuvenate yourself at the lap of its natural beauty. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Europe in which myriad of travelers arrive to get pleasure from its adventurous activities, delicious cuisines and architectural magnificence. In reality, touring to this marvelous destination will indeed entered your vacations into the best memories of your life. Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern region of Europe. It is panoramically surrounded by France in the north-east, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean in northwest and Mediterranean Sea in south and eastern side. Besides that, it is also the second largest country of the Western Europe and the European Union along with fifth largest country in the whole Europe.
Capital Madrid is the capital city of Spain. As the largest city in the country, it is located on the Manzanares River and represents an amazing blend of historical and contemporary attr…


Overview There are some countries on the earth which have the special blessings from the nature and Switzerland is undoubtedly one of them. It is called as the heaven on the earth because it has so many things to offer to its universal tourists. From natural magnificence to vibrant culture, Switzerland is surely at the top position into the travel preferences of the holiday seekers. It is beautifully nestled in Western and Central Europe. Furthermore, it is surrounded by some major nations of Europe such as Germany to the north, Italy to the south, France to the west and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Travelling to this magnificent destination means dream comes true for any voyager on this globe.
Capital The city of Berne is considered as the capital of Switzerland. Although, the largest city in the country is Zurich but Berne is the seat of the federal government which makes it the de facto capital of this beautiful nation. The city was founded in 1911 and it had listed in UNE…


Overview Turkey or the Republic of Turkey embraces different cultures and civilizations that connect Europe and Asia. It is bordered by eight countries, which are named as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Nakhchivan, Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Bulgaria. It is also surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, Aegean Sea in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Turkey is worldwide famous for its exotic beach destinations and some interesting sporting activities like white-water rafting, trekking, yachting and skiing. This beautiful country is certainly a worth-to-be-visited tour destination where travel vacationers have lots of activities to enjoy. The splendor of this place also lies within its historical monuments, huge shopping centers and wonderful nightlife.  
Capital Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. In the year 1923, it was declared as the capital of newly shaped ‘The Republic of Turkey’ through the Treaty of Lausanne. Now, it is the second largest city of Turkey (with Istanbul stan…

United Kingdom (UK)

Overview Located in the British Isles off the northwest coast of Europe, the United Kingdom (UK) has constantly been a preferred tourist destination for myriad of travelers from around the world. The region of UK is determined by the places of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Furthermore, there are four major countries form the United Kingdom. These are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. For the travelers, there are scores of attractive destinations available in this region where they can enjoy their vital days of vacations. They will be entertained with great historical, cultural and natural places here complimented by fine arrangements for the accommodation of the voyagers.
Capital London is the capital of the United Kingdom (UK). The city is itself counted among the top tourist attractions in the world. It is beautifully nestled on the River Thames and consists of diverse cultures and places. Area 243,610 km2 Population 63,181,775 Language The United Kingdom has the offi…


Overview Are you geared up to accrue unforgettable days of your life? Surely, you are if you have planned an exotic trip to Peru - the land of Incas. Among the great hubs of ancient civilizations, this country is drenched with pristine destinations where scores of travel seekers would love to rejoice their holidays. Peru is undeniably a place where you should visit at least once in your life. From archeological to natural destinations or from historical to modern creations, this country has something to offer to each and every explorer. As far as its location is concerned, Peru is strategically placed in South America and surrounded by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
Capital: Lima (also the largest city of Peru) Area: 1,285,216 km2 Population: 30,475,144 (as per 2013 estimate) Language: Spanish (with Quechua and Aymara as Co-official Languages)    Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN) Weather: Mainly