Are you geared up to accrue unforgettable days of your life? Surely, you are if you have planned an exotic trip to Peru - the land of Incas. Among the great hubs of ancient civilizations, this country is drenched with pristine destinations where scores of travel seekers would love to rejoice their holidays. Peru is undeniably a place where you should visit at least once in your life. From archeological to natural destinations or from historical to modern creations, this country has something to offer to each and every explorer. As far as its location is concerned, Peru is strategically placed in South America and surrounded by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Capital: Lima (also the largest city of Peru)
Area: 1,285,216 km2
Population: 30,475,144 (as per 2013 estimate)
Language: Spanish (with Quechua and Aymara as Co-official Languages)   
Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)
Weather: Mainly South Hemisphere with partially semi warm and dry climate, dry warm climate, temperate sub-humid climate, frigid climate, humid warm climate, cold climate etc.
Local Cuisines:  Fish and Seafood, spicy chicken stew, stir-fry beef, shredded chicken, marinated grilled beef heart, boiled potatoes and Boiled beans.

Transportation in Peru
Getting around different locations of Peru is very convenient as the country offers several modes of transportation to the visitors.
By Road
Travelers can take assistance of buses to commute from one destination to another. They inter-connect major cities and frequently running on local, long-distance and overnight buses basis. The service of car rental is also available for the visitors.
By Air
Peru has the biggest and only international airport in the name of Jorge Chavez International Airport, in Lima City. In addition, the travelers can also board domestic flights at other airports of the country.
By Train
The train network in Peru is not so large because of its mountainous regions. However, the travelers can ride on the private trains here that run by PeruRail. They inter-link main cities of the country provide easy access for the visitors.

Top Shopping Centers in Peru
Since transportation in Peru is so convenient, the travelers can easily commute to the shopping centers to buy their aspired things.
Miraflores is a large shopping place that situated in Lima, the capital of Peru.  At here, you can find beautiful handicrafts items along with products from ceramics, souvenirs, jewellery, antiques and textiles.
Barrio de San Blas
Ideally located in Cusco City of Peru, this shopping place is largely popular for its stores selling fashion and silver jewellery. World-class artists and artisans showcase their products at this wonderful market.
Pisac's Crafts Market
It is also one of the most liked shopping markets among the visitors of Peru. By arriving at this market, one can buy attractive and colorful Andean textiles such as rugs, ponchos and alpaca sweaters.
It is a pristine place to shop handicraft items. The travelers can also enjoy here Alpaca sweaters, ponchos and hats with great designs.

Top Restaurants in Peru
The beautiful country of Peru has possessed some of the best dining places providing new flavors for the taste of the tourists. These restaurants are:
Astrid & Gastón
It is a wonderful dining restaurant that serves delicious variety of tubers, grains, vegetables, herbs, and spices for the tourists of different tastes. This restaurant has the location in Miraflores City of Peru.
If you are touring at San Isidro City of Peru, then don’t forget to visit Malabar Restaurant. The courteous staff here takes care of you by serving scrumptious Mediterranean food items for instance olive oil, garlic and parsley.
Mesa 18
This wonderful dining restaurant provides the travelers some tasty flavors of Japanese cuisines prepared by professional chefs. It is located in Miraflores City of Peru.

Top Tourist Attractions in Peru
Enjoy your dream vacation at Peru and visit the most beautiful places of this country. Some of them are mentioned here:
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is the most toured attraction in the country of Peru. It is a beautiful ancient site and counted among the world’s most popular archaeological wonders. Majestically located at Andes Mountains, this site is surrounded by agricultural terraces and watered by natural springs.
Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon is also liked by majority of the visitors to Peru. It is a canyon of the Colca River and situated in the Andes Mountain range in Southern Peru. Most of the tourists enjoy here magnificent sights of Andean condors.
Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas is the center of the historic part in Cuzco. Historically known as the ‘square of the warrior’, it was once functioned as the cultural hub of Inca life. The tourists would definitely like its great architectural buildings.
Uros Islands
Uros Islands, which are placed on Lake Titicaca, allure tourists with their magnificent natural sightseeing. By visiting at this place, one can also experience the beauty of reeds particularly a reed flower tea.
Amazon River
Amazon River is surely a great adventure holiday destination in Peru. The tourists can only explore the magnificence of this place by boat tour. The main attraction here is the wonderful wildlife.

Local Festivals in Peru
The people of Peru celebrate around 3000 festivals in single year. Few of them are given below:
Organized in the month of February, Carnivals in Peru are marked by the festive character of Andean areas. On this day, people participate in the ritual of yunza, which is known as umisha performed in jungle. Locals also exchange gifts and tap their feet in dance shows during this festival.
Holy Week
The festival of Holy week is held in the month of March. It represents the religious feelings of the people of Andes. The week commences with the entry of Jesus riding on a donkey into the city. Parades and other kinds of shows are conducted during this week.
Inti Raymi

This festival is celebrated as homage to the Sun, which is considered as an important God in Inca culture. During this festival, people take part in the large ceremony from Cuzco to acknowledge the Sun.