Career as a Dancer

There is an old adage that talent can not be bought. In fact, talent is a natural creation within a person. Same thing applies to dancing. It is a field where a person needs talent and appropriate direction to climb the ladder of success. In India, in particular, dancing has been a subject of history, traditions, culture and passion. Nowadays, the country has possessed multiple dance forms such as contemporary, folk, bollywood, classical, salsa, jazz, hip-dance, ballet and classical.

To become a successful dancer, one has to pursue special skills. You must have the expressions like celebrations, liberation, grief, anger and many more. The professional dancers can be referred to as the trained artistes who can spend lot of time in teaching the art of dancing. Apart from that, a complete performance, visualization skills and managing skills are such prerequisites to assume dancing as a career option.

Courses for Dancing
The professional dancers generally called as choreographers. There is no particular educational qualifying has been fixed for dancing. But one can pursue choreographer studies to continue career as a dancer or can opt for Bachelor’s Programme in Choreographer.

Best Institutes for Dancing
There are many institutes or colleges in India that imparts study and training in the field of dancing. Some of these are Ananda Shankar Centre of Performing Arts, New York Choreographic Institute, Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts and Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography.

There are many full time jobs available in the field of dancing. After pursuing study in dancing, one can work for docudramas, fashion shows, cultural shows, TV advertisements, musicals and movies. A fresher can earn around Rs 10000 to 15000 per month. An experienced dancer can earn money between Rs 50000 to Rs 70000 per month.

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