Welcome to Bahamas, the home of beautiful Islands! The occurrence of numerous tourist attractions highlights the rich natural and synthetic heritage of this awe-inspiring destination. Bahamas invites travel lovers from across the world to explore its unique Bahamian experience. As the wonderful tourist sites are spreading all over the country, the voyager may get confused from where to start? An efficient tour package of Bahamas is perhaps the perfect solution for you. The deal will include exotic sightseeing of country’s historical landmarks, walking through town streets and enjoying trip to majestic islands as well as natural caves.

Capital: Nassau (also the largest city and commercial centre of the country).
Area: 13,878 km2
Population: 371,960 (as per 2012 estimate)
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Bahamas holds the climate of tropical savannah. High temperature here remains around 32 °C while the low temperature stops at 3°C - 5°C.
Local Cuisine: Bahamian Cuisine includes fish dishes, shellfish, lobster, seafood, tropical fruits, and crab.

Transportation in Bahamas
Several ways of transportation in Bahamas are available for the travelers to commute from one destination to another. These are:
By Road: Traveling around various major cities of Bahamas has been very convenient because many private minibuses are continuously working here. In addition, you can also rent a car for reaching at your preferred destinations.
By Sea: Enjoying ride on native ferry boats in Bahamas would be a tremendous experience for any traveler. They are available at all the important ports of the country. High speed ferries connect Nassau to Andros, Abacos, Eleuthera and the Exumas.
By Air: The air travel in Bahamas consists of several interisland flights provide quick and convenient travel for the tourists. However, those travelers who are touring in a group can board private charter flights available at several airports in the country.

Top Shopping Centers in Bahamas
Bahamas is the wonderful place for not only its natural attractions but also magnificent shopping centers, which are mentioned below:
Bay Street
Bay Street shopping centre is located in Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas. There are number of stores here offering various kinds of products such as leather goods, beauty products, perfumes, soaps, antiques, cigars and many more.
Straw Market
Straw Market is regarded among the largest markets not only in Bahamas but in the entire world too. At here, the tourists can buy straw goods, homemade woodworking goods and beautiful handmade goods.
Marina Village
Marina Village shopping center is located on the awesome New Providence Island. This place is largely famous for myriad of shopping stores, entertainment hubs, excellent eating places and beautiful surroundings.
The Mall Marathon
The Mall Marathon is one of the biggest malls in Nassau city. A large number of retail stores, food court and entertainment centers in the mall are enough to attract the visitors of this beautiful country.

Top Restaurants in Bahamas
Eating pleasant dishes at the wonderful restaurants in Bahamas is a unique experience in itself. Find here the most preferred restaurants in Bahamas:
Nobu is a Japanese cuisine specialty restaurant where the travelers can taste scrumptious variety of Japanese dishes prepared by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. A wide range of wines and cocktails are also available for the guests here. It is situated on Paradise Island.
Café Martinique
Café Martinique is an excellent dining place where the tourists enjoy the opportunity to taste mouth-watering French cuisine. The delectable menu here consists of Classical French gourmet fare. It is located on Paradise Island.
Casa D’ Angelo
Casa D’ Angelo is one of the most preferred restaurants in Paradise Island Resort because it serves mouth-watering Italian food items along with large collection of wines and spirits.
Olives Restaurant is a wonderful place to taste Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coastal dishes, wines, spirits and fresh food ingredients charm the taste of each and every guest. The option of late night dining is also available.

Top Tourist Attractions in Bahamas
Your tour to Bahamas will indeed enter into the sweet memories of your life thanks to the wonderful tourist attractions of the country. Such as:
Cabbage Beach
Cabbage Beach is certainly one of the most visited tourist destinations of Bahamas. It is the perfect place for sunbathers and sand-castle builders. The tourists can also enjoy here swimming and snorkeling along with the presence of tropical trees of coconut, sea grape and casuarinas.
Blue Lagoon Island
Located 5km from the capital city Nassau, Blue Lagoon Island allures visitors from across the world by providing them opportunity for swimming, relaxing on the beach, water sports, tropical drinks, grilled lunch, coconut palms and various other activities.
Andros Island
Andros Island is the biggest island in Bahamas. It is mostly used for wedding or honeymoon events but also liked by eco travelers, kayakers, hikers, divers, fishermen and bird watchers. It has also largest reefs in the world.
Grand Bahama Island
While touring to Bahamas, you should not forget to visit at Grand Bahama Island. This beautiful landmark is adorned with historical attractions, off-road adventures and shopping sprees. Commercial business center and deep-water harbor is also available here.

Local Festivals in Bahamas
The people of Bahamas celebrate different sorts of festivals throughout the year. Similarly, the tourists can also entertain themselves by participating at these events:
The Andros Crab Fest
The Andros Crab Fest is conducted in early June of every year. During this festival, people gather and participate in weekend festivities. The three-day Craft Fest is also organized in between that attracts the visitors too.
Fox Hill Day Festival
Fox Hill Day Festival is held on 2nd Monday of August month. This festival is organized in order to celebrate the abolition of slavery. Various kinds of cultural events such as band performances are organized during this festival. The Emancipation Day Memorial Service also forms an important part of its celebration.
The Bahamas Junkanoo Festival

The Bahamas Junkanoo Festival is organized in every December, January and July. It has a long history that goes back to 16th and 17th centuries. During this day, people participate in street parade comprised of music, dance and art & craft. The largest Junkanoo parade takes place in Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas.