Beautifully located in more than half of South America’s western coast, Chile is drenched with several popular tourist attractions expanding at its cities and rural areas. The country possesses diverse natural landscape that can be seen via desserts, forests, beaches, volcanoes and fjords. The travelers, who visit at this beautiful nation, are treated with magnificent sightseeing and outings. Chile shares its borders with various countries i.e. Peru to the north, Bolivia to the north-east, Argentina to the east and the Drake Passage to the South. The presence of Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean insert more to the attractiveness of this country.

Capital: Santiago
Area: 756,096.3 km2
Population: 17,402,630 (as per 2012 estimate)
Official Language: Spanish
Currency: Chilean Peso
Weather: Dry in the north, cool in the south and temperate Mediterranean climate in Central Chile.
Local Cuisine: Spanish food items and Chilean native cuisine along with German, Italian and French ingredients.

Transportation in Chile
Travel easily and conveniently between different cities of Chile because the country arranges wonderful transport system for the travelers.
By Road
Long distance buses in Chile are wonderful way of touring around the country. They efficiently connect one city to another. Besides the bus services, the facility of car rental is also available for the visitors.
By Train
Chile possesses a large railway network which encompasses almost all the major cities of the country. They are very comfortable to travel and also provide opportunity to the travelers to enjoy wonderful sightseeing of the surroundings.
By Air
Both domestic and international flights are working at major airports of Chile. Three main domestic flights here are Aerolineas del Sur, Lan and Sky. In addition, regional airlines and air-taxi services are also operating in the country.

Top Shopping Centers in Chile
During your tour to Chile, you will enjoy plenty of shopping options at these astonishing places:
Costanera Center
It is a large business and commercial shopping complex located in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. This shopping mall is considered as the largest in South American region. As a traveler, you can find here luxury and international fashion stores along with Chilean departmental stores.
Parque Arauco
Parque Arauco is one of the largest shopping malls in Santiago City. At here, the travelers would enjoy shopping at various retail stores and eating at wonderful dining places.
Alto Las Condes
Located in Santiago, this shopping mall boasts of 200 shops along side three departmental stores, an interior food court, a multiplex and restaurants.

Top Restaurants in Chile
Taste scrumptious food items at these wonderful dining restaurants of Chile:
Astrid y Gastón
Astrid y Gastón restaurant is located in Providencia, Santiago City of Chile. This dining place serves mouth-watering Chilean food items to the travelers between Monday and Friday.
Gatopardo is one of the most liked restaurants in Santiago among the travel vacationers of Chile. At this restaurant, one can savor delicious variety of French cuisine along with fine selection of wines and spirits.
Delhi Darbar
If you are a fond of Indian food, then come at this magnificent restaurant. It is an Indian cuisine specialty restaurant where you would enjoy lip-smacking lunch, a drink and coffee. The restaurant is situated in Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Top Tourist Attractions in Chile
The tourist destinations in Chile will surely make your holidays among the memorable days of your life. Some of these are:
Easter Island
Easter Island is situated on the southeastern Pacific Ocean and has been one of the top tourist attractions of the country. It is largely popular for its 887 extant monumental statues, which called as Moai.
Lauca National Park
Lauca National Park is also very much liked by the travelers of Chile. It houses the spectacular Lago Chungara, which is among the world’s highest lakes. Scores of visitors come here and wonderful sightseeing of the surroundings.
Pucon is a tiny tourist town located in the center of the southern Lake District. It is an ideal place to play sports and enjoy recreational activities like water skiing, white water rafting, snow skiing, kayaking, climbing, natural hot springs and many more.
Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine is also counted in the list of major tourist destinations of Chile. It is a national park which is popular for its glaciers, lakes and huge mountains. The highest peak of this place is around 2500 meters.
Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna is a beautiful desert landscape that is comprised of large sand dunes and stone formations. This place is located in majestic Atacama Desert and attracts many tourists who visit Chile.

Local Festivals in Chile
Various kinds of festivals are celebrated in Chile. As a tourist here, you can also share celebrations at these festivals:
Vina del Mar Music Festival
Vina del Mar Music Festival is celebrated in the last week of February. During this day, several professional pop and folk singers participate in competitions while performances by popular international musicians are also organized.
Carnaval Andino Con la Fuerza del Sol
Carnaval Andino Con la Fuerza del Sol is also known as Andean Festival with the strength of the Sun. It is held on September 18 every year and on this day, people celebrate with air shows, festivals, parades, eating, drinking and patriotic decorations.
Festival de la Tirana

Festival de la Tirana is conducted in the month of July. It is a religious festival which is based in Chile’s Catholic roots and honors the virgin of Carmen, the patron saint of Chile. People celebrate this festival with congregations, dance and music performances.