Austria is one of the most toured countries in the entire Europe. It is a beautiful place which should be explored by the travel seekers from all over the world. The country belongs to rich cultural heritage, which is astonishingly complimented by historical and architectural magnificence. Austria is located in Central Europe and encircled by Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Hungry and Slovakia to the east, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west and Italy and Slovenia to the south. Travel vacationers who visit to this majestic destination enjoy eternal assortment of tourist attractions and gain unforgettable experience of their life.

Austria is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the World.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It has the population of almost 1.7 million and has recognition as the largest city of the country. A number of international organizations are nestled at the city where they perform their global purposes.
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German is the official language of Austria. Bulk of the locals here speak this language as their native option while some other languages are also used by the people in Austria for instance Austro-Bavarian, Alemannic, Slovene and Lingua-Franca.
Euro is the currency which is officially used in Austria. It is also the basic currency used in several European countries. However, Schilling was the authorized currency in Austria before adopting the Euro in 2002.
The weather in Austria is largely dominant by the Alpine climate because the country with almost three-fourth is surrounded by the Alps. The summer temperature remains high, at the same time, winter remains highly cold.
Local Cuisine
Austria is the abode of world-famous food called Wiener schnitzel. It is liked by majority of the tourists here. There are also some other dishes here that attract the taste of the voyagers such as Salzburger Nockerln, Tafelspitz and Liptauer cheese.
Transportation in Austria
The incredible country, Austria boasts of multiple modes for the smooth transportation of its travelers, such as:
By Road: While visiting to Austria, you should not have any complexity for reaching out at your destinations because buses here are the excellent means of transportation to pass through one spot to another. They can even take you at the mountainous regions of the country. The option of car rental is also available in front of the tourists.
By Air: All the important cities of Austria have vast air travel services for the worldwide tourists. They can board major flights such as Austrian Airlines along with Tyrolean Airways and Austrian Arrow to reach at their preferred locations.
By Train: Like many countries of Europe, Austria also enjoys a huge network of railways. All the key cities of the country have their own railway stations where trains are running of varied types such as express trains for long distances, small local trains, international night trains and so on.
By Sea: Traveling on lavishing cruises and boats in Austria would certainly be an experience in itself. These travel options are available in country’s larger lakes such as Worthersee and Bodensee.
Top Shopping Centers in Austria
Buy your desired products at the favorite shopping centers of Austria. Some of these are:
Mariahilfer Strabe: It is the biggest shopping center in the country. Located in Vienna, one can find all important department stores selling leather goods, clothes, accessories, books, stationery and furniture. The shopping center also has enjoyable places for the kids along with fine dining arrangements.
Kramergasse: Situated in Klagenfurt city of Austria, this shopping center is the city’s oldest shopping center. At here, the travelers can enjoy royal places, cafes, shops, boutiques, stores and a historic center. They can also buy Italian handicrafts items made by professional Italian architects.  
Palais Ferstel: Based on Italian Renaissance style, this shopping place in Austria is the best for buying products like delis, chocolates and jewelry. It was opened in the year 1860 and located in Strauchgasse city within the country.
Top Restaurants in Austria
Once completing your shopping at aforementioned places in the country, the travelers can also charm their trip a bit more by visiting to these excellent dining places:
La Ciel: La Ciel is an award-winning restaurant and perhaps the best in Vienna city. It is a non-smoking restaurant where the tourists can taste delicious variety of worldwide cuisine along with array of wines and beers. It remains open for lunch and dinner.
Address: 7th Floor, Grand Hotel Wien, Kaerntner Ring 9 A-1010 Vienna, Austria.
The Paznaunerstube: This magnificent dining place is regarded as the best restaurant in Tyrol city of Austria. The considerate staff here serves mouth-watering local cuisine and huge selection of over 500 wines to the guests.
Address: Hotel Trofana Royal, Fam. von der Thannen, A-6561 Ischgl - Dorfstraße 95, Tyrol, Austria.
Sacher Rote Bar: As a traveler to Austria, you should not miss the chance to savor traditional Viennese cuisine provided by Sacher Rote Bar. It is the perfect place to have delectable lunch and dinner in a pleasant environment.
Address: Hotel Sacher Wien Philharmonikerstraße 4, A-1010 Wien, Vienna, Austria.
Hospiz: Enjoy the fine dining menu with a picturesque view of the surroundings at Hospiz. It is a beautiful restaurant where the travelers can enjoy lip smacking stone wine cellar that belongs to the era of 1386.
Address: Sankt Christoph 18, 6580 St. Christoph am Arlberg, Austria.
Wagnerei: Wagnerei is certainly holds its place among the top restaurants in the country. It offers its guests a beautiful blend of Mediterranean cuisine, local Austrian cuisine and desserts. Beers, non-alcoholic beverages, wines and spirits are also available for the tourists.
Address: 4020 Linz, Pfarrgasse 18, Austria
Top Tourist Attractions in Austria
The land of Austria is decorated with several worth-to-be-visited tourist attractions. Some of them are being mentioned here:
Schönbrunn Palace: Schönbrunn Palace is placed at the top travel destinations in Austria. This massive palace consists of 1441 rooms and it was constructed from the year 1696 to 1712. Visitors can enjoy here a beautiful garden, the oldest zoo, a marble summerhouse and a maze and labyrinth. The Palace is located in Wien, Austria.
Hallstatt: Hallstatt is majestically stands tall in the list of major tourist spots in Austria. It is a small village located in Salzkammergut region. This place is largely popular for its massive salt production and scenic view of the natural surroundings.
St Anton am Arlberg: Make your tour to Austria more enjoyable by visiting an astonishing place like St Anton am Arlberg. It is a famous ski resort and a perfect destination for adventurous tour seekers. The tourists can easily relax a bit at the natural lap of this wonderful resort. It is nestled at Tyrol city of Austria.
Hohensalzburg Castle: Counted among the largest and beautifully preserved medieval castles in Europe, Hohensalzburg Castle is surely an incredible place to visit. It is ideally situated at the top of the Festungsberg Mountain and well-liked due to its marvelous architecture creation.
Vienna State Opera: Your trip to Austria would be incomplete if you would not visit a startling architecture creature i.e. Vienna State Opera. It has gained fame as the history’s most popular operas in the world. The tourists can enjoy here classical and modern editions for the viewers.
Local Festivals in Austria
Like much of Europe, the people of Austria also celebrate their life through the means of relishing various kinds of festivals. Some of them are stated here:
Bregenz Festival: It is an opera festival conducted in two different stages i.e. a traditional opera house and an open-air lakeside stage. This festival is considered as the essential part of Austrian culture. It is organized between the months of July and August. On this day, people participate in live theatre performances and orchestra concerts.
Austrian Harvest Festival: This festival marks the welcome of new wine season. The locals celebrate the occasion with outdoor wine tasting and wine picnics. Live music is also played to entertain the visitors. It is also the day for the pilgrimage to Klosterneuberg Abbey.

The Schubertiade Festival: This festival was first organized in the year 1976 in the small town of Hohenems, Austria. During this festival, several musicians come to this place and perform their concerts and live orchestra shows.