Czech Republic

A tour to Czech Republic is an excellent way to exploit the natural and cultural beauty of this awesome destination. This place has been gifted with worth-to-be-toured attractions to which lots of travelers from around the world come to enjoy their vacations. Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe and surrounded by Austria to the south, Poland to the north, Germany to the west and Slovakia to the east. The country has loads of things to offer to the travel lovers whether they are professionals or just the leisure ones. In fact, traveling to this astonishing destination in Europe guarantees you an array of merriment and enjoyment.

Catch the unlimited holiday memories of tourist attractions in Czech Republic.

Prague is the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic. It is placed in the north-west region of the country with proximity to Vltava River. Prague is also the historical capital of Bohemia proper. It boasts of astounding assortment of travel attractions.
78,866 km2
Slovak, German and Polish are the official languages of Czech Republic. However, majority of the people here speak these languages while the rest of the people also speak some other languages such as Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Vietnamese, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and Romani.
Czech Koruna is identified as the official currency of Czech Republic. It was adopted in the year 1993 by replacing the previous Czechoslovak koruna. It is divided by the subunit of 100 haler.
The weather in Czech Republic is largely affected by its geographical position. The temperature here generally referred to as continental climate with very hot summers and cloudy as well as snowy winters. The summer season experiences heavy rain but nevertheless sporadic rain remains unvarying throughout the year.
Local Cuisine
The traditional cuisine in Czech Republic is notable with variety of dishes and flavors. However, Czech cuisine is largely influenced by meat dishes in which pork, beef and chicken are the most popular ones. The cuisine in the country is also complimented by Czech beer that has maintained large historical significance.  
Transportation in Czech Republic
The comfortable and affordable transportation in Czech Republic can be classified into different categories, such as:
By Road: In order to travel around one city to another, the travelers here can use local buses that are constantly running throughout the day. They interlink almost all the major cities of the country. Nevertheless, the tourists can also utilize the efficient services of car rental available in the country.
By Air: For traveling to important cities in Czech Republic, the travelers can board flights to reach at their preferred destinations. Václav Havel Airport is the most important airport in the country, which is located in the capital city - Prague. It is also the busiest airport in the entire Central and Eastern Europe.
By Train: The country of Czech Republic has also arranged a tremendous service of railway. České dráhy or the Czech Railway is the main railway operator in the country. Express trains, long distance trains and short distance trains are available for the traveling of the vacationers.

Top Shopping Centers in Czech Republic
Your tour to Czech Republic would be incomplete if you don’t go for shopping at these wonderful places:
Palladium: It is a large shopping mall that is strategically situated in the center of Prague. There are 170 shops in the center along with restaurants and cafes. At here, you can buy multiple things which belong to major national and international brands. It has also a huge parking space.
Palác Flóra: It is an excellent shopping place to buy anything that you have desired for. Founded in 2003, it consists of 120 shops, a multiplex cinema hall, central lobby and a food court. It remains open for all days of a week.
Arkády Pankrác: Started in the year 2008, this shopping center offers wide collection of clothes stores, shoe shops and sporty wear shops. At here, you can also be facilitated with book store, supermarket, drugstore and a food court.
Letňany: It is considered as the biggest shopping centre in Prague and even in whole country. This shopping place is pristine for relaxation, shopping and entertainment. As a traveler, you can buy various lifestyle shops alongside eating and drinking places hubs.
Top Restaurants in Czech Republic
Your tour to Czech Republic will become more charming if you eat delicious cuisines presented at these restaurants:
Gitanes: It is a Mediterranean cuisine specialty restaurant. The guests here taste delectable food items prepared by professional chefs. The delicious menu here includes dishes like Cinzano, Travarica, Grappa, Porto, Slivovice, Fernet Stock, Campari and many more. A wide collection of wines and spirits is also available for the guests.
Address: 7 Marketplace, Malá Strana, 118 00 Prague 1
Kampa Park: Arrive at this wonderful dining restaurant and taste cuisine like never before. The courteous staff here takes care of your taste by serving you delicious variety of international cuisine. It has the collection of over 150 kinds of wines.
Address: Na Kampě 8b, Prague 1
Nagoya: It is a Japanese cuisine specialty restaurant in which one can taste lip smacking Japanese food items mainly sushi, teriyaki, yakitori, tempura, sashimi and sakana. You can also enjoy here variety of small and tasty snacks like tapas.
Address: Stroupežnického 21
Khajuraho: If you are fond of mouth-watering Indian cuisine then come at this fine Indian restaurant. You can savor from Kashmiri dishes to south-Indian cuisine here. There are lots of choices available for the vegetarians here.  
Address: Michalská 23
Top Tourist Attractions in Czech Republic
The country of Czech Republic is blessed with magnificent attractions that allure the worldwide visitors. Some of them are:
Prague Castle: Located ideally in the midst of capital city, Prague Castle is one of the most toured destinations of Czech Republic. At this castle, the voyagers can enjoy magnificent sites like St George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, the ancient Royal Palace, the Cathedral of St. Vitus and the Golden Lane. One can also enjoy panoramic view of the Vltava River.
Wax Museum: Enjoy your tour to Czech Republic by visiting to Wax Museum. It showcases the lifestyle of bygone Medieval Europe. Moreover, it is also famous for an alchemist’s shop, blacksmith’s shop, recreation and an old tavern. The museum is also popular for wax figurines of famous people belong to 20th century.
Klatovy: It was established in 13th century and since then it has been a major attraction for the visitors as they enjoy its great architectural work. Most of the tourists prefer to come here and get pleasure from spots like the Jesuit Catacombs and the Baroque Pharmacy, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tugendhat Villa: This magnificent creation is located in Brno city of Czech Republic. It is a fine example of modern architecture. The villa was constructed in the year 1930 and listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Spilberk Castle: It was established in 13th century and built by the Czech King Pøemysl Otakar II. It has been utilized as a military fortress, a prison and a royal castle. Concerts, cultural events and theatrical performances are also performed here.
Local Festivals in Czech Republic
Czech Republic is also famous for its vibrant celebration on the occasion of festivals. Some of these festivals are being explained here:
Beltine Festival of Celtic Culture: People of any age can enjoy this festival which takes place in the month of April. It is a non-stop festival that continuous for 16 hours through the night. On this day, people participate in dance performances, workshops, games for children, Celtic music, martial arts and many more.
Czech Beer Festival: Czech Republic is largely famous for beer festivals and Czech Beer Festival is certainly one of them. It is organized in Prague for 17 days every year in the month of May. The festival showcases different kinds of 120 national and international beers.

Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival: Organized in Cesky Krumlov city of Czech Republic, this festival is wholeheartedly celebrated by the people in the month of July. On this festival, various performances are being done related with classical music, opera music and performing art.