One of the most romantic cities in the world, France is the most toured plus with the most beautiful country in the entire Europe. The natural splendor of this country can be visible from the majestic blue coast of the Mediterranean to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. France is the leading country in Western Europe and in the European Union. It is also a major power in the world in terms of political, economical, military and cultural significance. Traveling to France is not just limited to architectural or natural attractions rather it is a unique experience for all the travelers as they are guaranteed with unforgettable memories of their life. As a traveler, you would require a long tour for exploring and enjoying the wonders of France.

France is always a preferable choice for large number of visitors.

Paris is the capital as well as the largest city of France. The city is itself counted in the leading tourist attractions of the world as it is blessed with historical, architectural and natural attractions. Located on the northern region of the country, Paris is also adorned with 3800 historical monuments.
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French is the official language of France. In fact, it is also the official language of 29 countries in the world along with agencies of United Nation Organization (UNO) and many other international organizations.
Euro is the official currency of France. It was adopted in the year 2002 by replacing the French Franc as the official currency. The Euro is divided into 100 cents. It is also the currency of all the member countries of the European Union (EU).
The weather in France can be divided into three climate conditions i.e. Oceanic, Mediterranean and Continental.  It normally remains moderate with some irregular rains around the bordering Mediterranean Sea. In general way, travelers can expect cool winters and mild summers in France.
Mode of Transport
France is so beautiful country that no one can wait to visit there. However, to explore the exquisiteness of this nation, you can take assistance of these modes of transportation.
By Road: If you want to cover short distance from one city to another, then you can take help of inter-regional bus services. However, bus service in France is much limited compares to the railway, but it would be useful for the travelers to reach at their desired destination.
By Train: France has a huge railway network that touches almost all the parts of the country. The most important railway hub is in Paris. The tourists here can enjoy ride in ‘high speed train’ that runs at over 300 km/h.
By Waterways: Your tour to France will be more enjoyable by riding on Canal boats, cruises and houseboat. It will be a tranquil ride with additional bedding and cooking facilities. These waterways allow you to travel in France more conveniently.
By Air: Almost all the important cities of France have airports, which can be boarded by both the local and international travelers. The most important flight of domestic airline industry in France is ‘Air France’.
Local Cuisine
The main food in France is French cuisine. It reflects the cooking traditions and practices of France. Among the main French recipes are Beef, Crepes, French Breed and Burgundy. French cuisine is also very popular in several countries of the world.
Shopping Centers
While enjoying the magnificence of France, you can also buy attractive things at wonderful shopping centers here:
The Quatre Temps: The Quatre Temps Shopping Center is a huge mall situated in western part of Paris. It boasts of many stores, restaurants, multiplex cinema and shops for home design, gifts, fashion accessories and specialist boutiques.
Grand ‘Place: The Grand ‘Place is also a major shopping center in France. Inaugurated in the year 1975, it is located in the city of Grenoble. The shopping center is compounded of two parts - Grand ‘Place and Carrefour Hypermarket. A wide range of things are available here to buy.
La Part-Dieu Lyon: La Part-Dieu Lyon is nestled at the city of Lyon, France. It was established in the year 1975 and has been a leading shopping centre in France. It consists of 302 shops offering lots of things to buy and an adequate parking space.
France has been known for its mouth-watering food items. Any traveler to this country can taste such scrumptious French cuisine at these major restaurants:
Frenchie: It is a wonderful dining place offering wide range of food items, beverages, desserts and drinks for the visitors. (Address: 5-6, Rue Du Nil 75002 Paris, France)
Candelaria: Any traveler to France would like to visit this restaurant where one can savor delicious variety of Mexican cuisines along with cocktails, wines and spirits. (Address: 52 rue de Saintonge 75003, Paris)
Sanglier Paresseux: It is a French specialty restaurant that offers you delicious variety of regional cuisines along with fine collection of wines and spirits. (Address: 84750 Caseneuve)
Rue Le Bec: Come here to taste scrumptious French food items such as gourmet dishes, pastries, cheeses, desserts along with champagne and wine. (Address: 43 quai Rambaud, 2e)
Le Dôme: Enjoy your lunch and dinner at this fine dining restaurant. At here, you will taste luscious cuisines and desserts.
Major Tourist Attractions
The scenic beauty of France speaks everything to allure the visitors from different corners of the world. Here are some foremost tourist attractions of France:
Musee du Louvre: It is the most visited museum in the world. It welcomes you with beautiful glassy pyramid and then entertains with world’s richest artistic legacy followed by Egyptian mummies, Code of Hammurabi to Venus de Milo and Leonardo's Mona Lisa.
Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower is surely among the top tourist attractions in the world. It marks the centennial celebration of the world-famous French Revolution. Every year, myriad of travel vacationers come France to take pleasure of this destination. It is regarded as the symbol of French unity.
Cathedrale De Chartres: Cathedrale De Chartres is indeed an exotic example of great architectural work. It was established way back in the year 1134 and since then it has been a center of attraction in France. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important pilgrimage destination.
Versailles Palace: Versailles Palace is one of the prime tourist attractions of France. The beauty of this Palace lies within its royal apartments, the near cabinets and astonishing Hall of Mirrors. They are architectural masterpieces, which certainly tourist pullers from all over the world.
The Loire Valley: Enjoy the real beauty of nature by visiting to the Loire Valley. It is beautifully nestled through the landscape of rolling hills and rocky flanges. It also reflects the magnificence of great architecture. Tourists can also enjoy here the panoramic view of the surroundings.
Local Festivals
French people celebrate various kinds of festivals to enjoy their life. The international tourists can also enjoy these festivals with them. Some of these festivals are:
Nice Carnivals: Nice Carnivals certainly attract visitors from across the globe. It is celebrated in the winter season and considered as the biggest carnivals in the world. The very first nice carnival was celebrated in 13th century and since then, it has become a tradition for the local people here.
Besançon Music Festival: This festival is among the oldest classical music festivals celebrated in the land of France. In the year 1948, it was first celebrated and now it has become a prominent festival here. Several musicians from across the world gather at this festival to celebrate it with great pleasure.
Printemps des Poètes: It is a French language festival, which is conducted on international level. The main aim of celebrating this festival is to celebrate the poetry in the towns, cities and regions of France. It is solemnized with a particular poetry theme.