The beautiful country of Germany holds a special place into the top travel destinations of the world. It is the country where eye-catching natural attractions and worth-to-be-visited tourist places are majestically cemented. Germany is situated in the western-central region of Europe and the most populous member state in the European Union. The country is surrounded by several major countries such as Austria and Switzerland in the south, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Denmark in the north and Luxemburg, France, the Netherlands and Belgium in the west. The territory of Germany boasts of several travel attractions, which are constantly explored by worldwide tourists. As a traveler, you should visit to this destination to enjoy a unique experience of your life.

The city of Berlin is the capital of Germany. Renowned as the largest city in the country, it is situated in the center of the North German Plain. The city has been growing economically and culturally over the years.
357,021 km
German is the official language of Germany. Majority of the citizens (almost 100 million) of the country speak this language as their primary option while other people used to speak other languages like Danish, Sorbian, Romany, Low German and Frisian. However, immigrant languages are also speaking at the country such as Kurdish, Polish, Turkish, Russian and the Balkan languages.
Euro is the national currency of Germany. It is a common European currency as accepted by all the important nations of the European Union. Euro is usually subdivided by 100 cents.
The weather in Germany generally remains unstable as the low and high temperature changes very quickly. The travelers can expect reasonable climate with fine rains throughout the year. Nonetheless, the weather here remains not so same every year as one year might have lots of rains while next year might enjoy sunshine.
Mode of Transport
Getting around the magnificent places of Germany is far from any commotion because these modes of transportation help to tourists to reach safely and comfortably at their desired spots:
By Road: The buses are running in Germany on regular basis with connecting almost all the major cites of the country. Whether you travel during day or night, these buses take you securely to your destination. As the alternative to buses, the traveler can also utilize the car rental services running in the country.
By Rail: Germany facilitates its guests with immense network of trains. These trains are interlinking all the cities of the country and ensure comfortable ride for the travel vacationers. Majority of the train services in Germany is controlled by Deutsche Bahn.
By Air: All the large and small cities of Germany have their own airports covering both domestic and international flights. Lufthansa has the most crowded air route network in the entire country.
By Sea: If you are traveling to the East Frisian Islands in Lower Saxony or nearby, then take your ride in a boat or a cruise. While traveling to this route, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic surroundings.
Local Cuisine
The cuisine in Germany varies between different parts of the country. However, meat as sausage form is liked by most of the people here but wine holds the special importance in the food culture of the country.
Shopping Centers
Make your tour to Germany more memorable through your life by buying particular things from these shopping centers:
Kaufhauser: Kaufhauser is the huge shopping center where one can buy generally everything such as books, kitchen ware, toys, cosmetics over food, hardware, stationery and sports equipments.
C&A: C&A is the best place to buy fashion accessories. At this shopping place, you can purchase quality products with affordable prices.
Saturn: Saturn is also referred to as the Media Market. The shops here are providing specialized warehouses particularly computers and electronic equipment.
While touring to Germany, you will be thrilled with delectable variety of German cuisine served at these wonderful restaurants:
Spindler & Klatt: It is an excellent dining place which offering mouth-watering European and Asian food items in an enjoyable environment. It is located in Köpenickerstraße 16-17, Berlin 10997.
Restaurant Francais Im Steigenberger Frankfurt: It is an award winning restaurant where the travelers can enjoy scrumptious variety of French cuisine along with fine collection of wines and spirits. It is located in Am Kaiserplatz 1, Frankfurt 60311.
Günnewig Rheinturm Restaurant Top 180: It is an international specialty restaurant in which people will enjoy lip smacking cuisine consisting of colorful vegetables, potato gratin, Mediterranean fish, red onions and tasty wines & beers in a serene atmosphere. It is nestled in Stromstraße 20, Dusseldorf 40221.
Brecht's: Come at this wonderful restaurant and taste delectable variety of regional cuisine. At this place, you will enjoy relaxed atmosphere. It is situated in Schiffbauerdamm 6-7, Berlin 10117, Germany.
Alt Helgoländer Fischerstube: It is also a regional specialty cuisine restaurant with particular dishes of Asian and vegetarian fare. The humble staff here offers wines, beers, cold drinks and juices to the guests. It is located in Fischmarkt 4a-c, Hamburg 22767.
Major Tourist Attractions
Your tour package of Germany will include attractive tourist destinations of the country. Some of them are:
Neuschwanstein: Majestically situated on a Rugger hill in southwest Bavaria, Neuchwanstein is a wonderful enchanted castle. It was established in the year 1886 under the administration of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
Brandenburg Gate: Counted among the top tourist attractions of Germany, Brandenburg Gate is the only ongoing city gate of Berlin. The gate, which was founded in the 18th century, symbolizes the reunification of East and West Berlin.
Heidelberg Old City: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Neckar river valley by visiting to an astonishing destination called Heidelberg Old City. Once escaped by the allied bombings during World War II, the city has maintained its unique charm of narrow streets, pleasing houses and the popular Heidelberg Castle.
Cologne Cathedral: Cologne Cathedral is indeed the most beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Germany. The construction of this cathedral was started in the year 1248 which took 600 years to complete. It is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne.
Lindau: If you want more charm to your tour to Germany, then you should include Lindau in your package. This historical city is the meeting point of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders in the eastern region of Lake Constance. The city is interlinked via a bridge and railway with around 3000 residents.
Local Festivals
Enjoy more during your tour in Germany by sharing the celebrations of these local festivals with the inhabitants:
Oktoberfest: It is an annual festival that first conducted in the year 1810 to solemnize the wedding of Bavaria’s King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony - Hildburghausen. It is organized in Munich where people enjoy glasses of beer.
Berlin International Beer Festival: It is conducted in the month of August at Berlin, the capital city of Germany. During this occasion, people get together and enjoy party with beers and cultural activities.
Africa Festival: Enjoy your time in Wurzburg city of Germany by celebrating Africa festival with the locals. It is conducted in the month of May and on this day, multicultural events are organized with African music in particular.

Berlin Jazz Festival: Berlin Jazz Festival is conducted in the month of November, every year. During this day, Jazz music is performed by the specialists who come from different parts of the world.