Know Diverse Receding Gumline Treatment Options

Many dental problems have been occurring these days that can mar the confidence of the people. Receding gum line is indeed counted among them. In fact, it is a stern dental disorder which can badly affect the gums tissue and surface of the teeth. This problem is generally occurred during the increase edge of the tissue, surrounded by the teeth, move away towards the direction at the end of the root, which leaving the tooth exposed. Receding gum line is considered as the first indication of gum disease because it allows bacteria to build up between the gaps of the teeth and gum line. Therefore, an immediate treatment of gum recession is immensely important.

Reasons for Receding Gumline
There are several causes that contribute in the development of receding gum line. One of the main reasons is the periodontal disease in which bacteria produces infections that destroys gum tissue and supporting bone. Doing tooth brushing aggressively can also cause receding gum line disorder because it can generate the enamel on the teeth that allows the gum recession. Furthermore, patients have to maintain adequate dental care to remove the chances of receding gum line.

Receding Gumline Treatment Ways
There are multiple ways of treating receding gum line in which some are being mentioned below:

Scaling and Root Planing
If the problem of receding gum line is not so huge, then the professional dentists prefer to perform the procedure of scaling and root planning. It is also known as deep cleaning process. This procedure is extremely advantageous in preventing the gums from recession because it removes the plaque and tartar from the teeth and root surfaces below the gum line. Moreover, by removing the calculus, scaling and root planing procedure makes difficult for the bacteria to attach at the exposed root area. It is the best non-surgical option for the receding gum line treatment.

Gum Tissue Graft Surgery
Sometimes non-surgical procedures like deep cleaning are not so sufficient in bringing the ideal outcome for the people. Thus, the specialized dentists have to opt for the surgical options like gum tissue graft. During this surgery, the surgeon cuts the flap of the skin at the root of mouth. This technique is also referred to as connective tissue graft. After cutting the flap, the professional removes the tissue under the flap and then stitched to the gum tissue surrounding the exposed root.

Reducing Pocket Intensity
Reduction in the pocket depth is also a vital procedure into the receding gum line treatment. While performing this surgical process, the dentist or periodontist eliminates the affected gum tissue and then removes the detrimental bacteria from the pockets. Thereafter, the specialist closely locates the gum tissue in place on the tooth root, which eradicates the pocket or lessens its size.

Procedure of Regeneration

In most of the times, the problem of gum recession harms the bone supporting the teeth. In such cases, the professional regenerates the lost bone and tissue through a specific surgical procedure. The dentist uses a regenerative material to allow the body of an individual to automatically regenerate the bone and tissue in the affected area. Once the material is properly placed, the dentist secures the gum tissue on the root of the tooth.