Placed in the South-Western quarter of Europe, Portugal is an abode of amazing sightseeing, landscape and scenic beauty. It is undoubtedly an excellent holiday spot where innumerable travel voyagers come to accumulate some memorable days of their life. On the other hand, the country entertains them with historical, cultural and natural destinations nestled at its various cities. Moreover, the tourists here also get delight from its bordered locations such as Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and Spain to the north and east. People who come at Portugal love to enjoy lip smacking food and beverages especially during scorching nightlife. Historical and architectural buildings, stunning sun-kissed beaches, adventurous activities and entertainment hubs are the striking highlights of this pristine place.

Portugal has the capital city in the name of Lisbon. It is a largest city in the country with having economical and cultural significance. The city is in proximity to Atlantic Ocean and consists of various attractions for the worldwide tourists.
92,212 km
Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. It is also spoken at some other countries like Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola. However, Mirandese is regarded as the co-official language of the country.
Euro is the official currency of Portuguese. It replaced the currency of Portuguese Escudo as majority of the nations in Europe have accepted Euro as their main currency. Euro is divided by 100 cent.
The weather in Portugal is largely elaborated by oceanic in the north with around 13°C and Mediterranean in the south containing 13°C. The seasons of spring and summer here generally remain humid and warm while the autumn and winter seasons maintain rainy and windy climate. However, autumn is considered as the best season to travel in Portugal.
Mode of Transport
As a traveler, you should not worry about the transportation in Portugal because there are multiple ways present for you to reach at your destination. Such as:
By Air: Several international airports and smaller airports are in Portugal. Overall, there are three main airports in the country such as Lisbon Portela Airport, Faro Airport and Porto Airport. Some of the major flights are Ager Lingues, GB Airways, Regional Air lines, Virgin Airlines, Grupo SATA, Ryan Air, Swiss International Air Lines and many more.
By Railway: Regional and intercity rail services are available in Portugal, which connect all the important towns and cities of the country. The trains here are running in varied categories such as high speed trains, fast intercity trains, local train services and international train services. In addition, tourists can also enjoy ride in metro trains running in the major cities.
By Road: The transportation in Portugal also embraces the services of local and national bus. These buses connect the one city to another in the country, which provide easy convenience to the travel vacationers here. They can board national express coach or regional buses to arrive at their destination. The option of car rental is also available for the tourists.
By Sea: Tourists of Portugal can also reach at their destination via sea route. Ferries here are considered as the important ways of transportation, which link several cities and suburbs. They are running throughout the day providing easy access to the travelers.
Local Cuisine
Portuguese cuisine is worldwide popular for its delectable dishes. The most popular cuisines here are bacalhau, caldo verde, sardinas assadas and salted cod dish. Apart from them, desserts, cheeses, soups, meat and wines are also preferred by the tourists at Portugal.
Shopping Centers
There are plenty of places in Portugal where you can fulfill your shopping requirements. Some of them are:
Fabrica Alentejana de Lanificios: It is one of the leading shopping centers in Portugal. Located in Rua Mendes, it boasts of stores offering various kinds of products, handicrafts things and lots of eateries. It remains open from Monday to Friday every week.
Chiado: Come to this wonderful shopping place, which has been continuing since 18th century. There are multiple shops and cafes here. People can buy products made by talented designers, apparels at astonishing boutiques and delicious cuisines at the restaurants.
Miau Frou Frou: It is the perfect place to buy attractive handbags, charming jewelry, lovely dresses and mouth-watering cuisines. This shopping center is in Rua Miguel Bombarda.
Lobo Taste: Ideally situated in Ribeira, the shopping stores here provide you wide range of striking ceramic sculptures, sun hats, baskets and wooden radios.
The wonderful land of Portugal also entertains you with delectable cuisines offered at these modernized dining restaurants:
Boa Nova Casa-Chá: It is a wonderful dining place where you would taste delightful food items and drinks along with enjoying panoramic view of the surroundings. The chivalrous staff here serves you delicious Portuguese cuisines. 
Taberna São Pedro: If you are a fond of seafood, then come at this restaurant. Located in Afurada, it offers its guests scrumptious variety of seafood items for their lunch and dinner.
Nakite: It is a vegetarian specialty restaurant where you can savor tasty dishes like tofu, seitan, tempeh and some other fresh food ingredients. Fresh juices and mouth-watering desserts also served for the guests. It is situated in Rua do Breiner, Portugal.
Shis: Located amidst wonderful surroundings in Esplanade do Castelo, this restaurant offers a wide range of fusion cuisine for people different tastes. As a tourist, you can come here to have a yummy lunch or dinner and enjoy the scenic view of the nearby location.
Major Tourist Attractions
Every year, myriad of worldwide travelers visit Portugal to get pleasure from its staggering destinations. Some of these tourist attractions are:
Martinhal Beach Resort: Majestically located in the western Algarve, Martinhal Beach Resort provides beautiful romantic destination for the travelers. They can certainly enjoy here multi-cuisine restaurants, modernized bar, children’s playground and enjoying at the indoor and outdoor of the pool.
Vicentine Coast: Vicentine Coast is also the most visited beach in Portugal. The tourists will enjoy here walking at the natural park where they can glance at the scenic beauty of Atlantic Ocean. They can relax here with gentle cool air from sea and under the direct sun shine.
Sintra: As a wonderful holiday destination, Sintra creates great romanticism for the tourists particularly for the honeymoon travelers. They can visit here and have the benefit of astonishing wooded hills and a magnificent trip with panoramic surroundings.
Museu de Arte Contemporânea: It is a wonderful museum where you will enjoy grand work of contemporary architecture. Advanced exhibitions, beautiful rose gardens and formal mountains are the major highlights of this tourist attraction in Portugal.
Palácio da Bolsa: It is a majestic monumental attraction in Ribeira, Portugal. This monument was constructed between 1842 and 1910 in the honor of country’s past and present merchants. It also entertains tourists with spacious ballroom, restaurant and wine bar.
Local Festivals
The travel vacationers can add more charm to their tour to Portugal by celebrating these festivals with the locals:
Serralves Em Festa: It is a huge festival event conducted in early June of every year. During this day, people take participate in the concerts, kiddie activities and open air events. The event runs for 40 hours nonstop.
Sintra Music Festival: This festival is celebrated every year in the month of July. On this occasion, international orchestras, musicians and dance groups perform in parks, gardens, palaces to solemnize the festival.
Festa de São João: Conducted at one night in June, this festival is regarded as the biggest party of Portugal. It is celebrated by the people having music, rebellious parties and competitions. The tourists will be given warning before taking part in this event.