As your vacations are approaching nearer, you would certainly start planning for the destination. Why not plan a mesmerizing trip to Russia? Visit to this dynamic city which has something to offer for every traveler. This awesome place is drenched with plenty of exotic destinations where touring would be a lifetime experience for anyone. Russia is strategically positioned in northern region of Eurasia. Several countries share their borders with this nation that provides more prospects for the travel seekers. While touring to Russia, a single trip will not be enough to explore the historical, cultural and architectural beauty of this country.

The beautiful city of Moscow is the capital city of Russia. All the major activities regarding political and economical are done in this city. Located on the Moskva River, Moscow is also the largest city of the country.
17,098,242 km2
There are almost 100 languages spoken in Russia but majority of the people speak Russian Language as their primary. Therefore, it is the only official state language of Russia and one of the six official languages of the UN.
Russian Ruble or rouble is the official currency of Russia. Initially, it was also the currency of Russian Empire and the Soviet Union before their dissolution. Ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks.
Due to its large size, the climate in Russia varies from one part to another. In general way, the temperature remains here continental. The winter season normally stays for long time while the summers are stormy, mild and short. However, the ideal time to visit this magnificent place is between the months of May and October.
Local Cuisine
The traditional cuisine in Russia mainly consists of meat, soups, pies, pancakes, vegetables, beverages and salads. Among the most liked Russian dishes are Kasha, dressed herring, caviar, biny, beef stroganov, goulash, kissel, Oldayi and many more.
Transportation in Russia
While touring to Russia, the tourists would have multiple things to cheer and transportation here is indeed among them. You can reach one destination to another within the country via these means:
By Air: All the domestic and international flights are running at the airports of major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Other cities have also direct international airlines like Kazan, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk, Krasnodar and Nizhny Novgorod.
By Road: The bus transportation in Russia easies the convenience of the travelers to reach at their desired destinations. Buses here connect all the major cities and very affordable for the travelers. Besides that, people can also take assistance of car rental services available in the cities of Russia.
By Train: Russia has a huge railway network that interlinks various cities of the country. The capital city, Moscow is the centre of the railway network which connects major places like Budapest, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Helsinki, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin.
Top Shopping Centers in Russia
Russia has been a great place for the tourists where they can enjoy shopping of their desired things. Some of the shopping centers are:
Evropeysky Shopping Centre: It is the largest urban shopping centre in the world. This shopping center is largely popular among the tourists because it has big stores like Bel Postel, Vassa & Co. and Bustier. It also boasts of shops, restaurants, ice-skating rink, a supermarket and a movie theatre.
Vladimirsky Passage: It is the perfect place to buy designer clothes, food products and other fancy materials from more than 100 stores. The travelers can also enjoy here drinks at sushi bars and coffee shops.
Okhotny Ryad: It is a magnificent shopping place where the tourists would enjoy panoramic view of the surroundings while buying attractive clothing and electronic items at the stores here. A food court and 24 hour internet café is also available here.
Citi HK Supermarket: Situated in Marksa city of Russia, this supermarket is the best place for the tourists who would like to buy wonderful grocery items. It remains open daily between 9 am and 11 pm.
Top Restaurants in Russia
Make your trip to Russia more memorable by eating delicious food items at these restaurants in Russia:
Vanil: It is a majestic dining place where one can taste delicious range of Asian cuisine along with mouth-watering sushi and seafood dishes. It is available for the both lunch and dinner time.
Address: Остоженка, 1, Moscow, Russia
Mari Vanna: If you are traveling in Moscow, then don’t forget to eat scrumptious Russian food at this wonderful restaurant. At here, you will taste different variety of Russian cuisine and tasty drinks.
Address: Spiridonyevsky per 10, Russia
Kishmish: It is the best place to savor delectable variety of Central Asian cuisine at affordable prices. Delicious variety of salads, veggies and kishmish provide wonderful time to the travelers here.
Address: ul Novy Arbat, 28 | Metro Arbatskaya, Moscow, Russia
Top Tourist Attractions in Russia
If you are planning for a trip in Russia, then you will be assured with magnificent tourist attractions at the largest country in the world. Some of them are:
Saint Basil's Cathedral: It is certainly one of the best tourist attractions in Russia. Built in the year 1554-1561, it is a beautiful building that allures the visitors via its great architectural work. This tourist destination is nestled at the centre of Moscow, the capital city of Russia.
Hermitage Museum: Majority of the tourists in Russia would like to visit Hermitage Museum, which is situated in Saint Petersburg. It was established in the year 1764 by Catherine the Great. This museum is comprised of great art and culture that showcases more than 3 million items across the globe.
Moscow Kremlin: To put more joy to your trip in Russia, you should visit Moscow Kremlin. It is truly a worth-to-be-visited attraction in Moscow city. It houses four cathedrals of 15th and 16th century along with the Armory, royal jewels of the past and a Diamond Fund Exhibition.
Lake Baikal: Blessed with astonishing natural beauty, visiting Lake Baikal is certainly a treat to enjoy. It is the deepest and oldest lake on earth, which is surrounded by mountain ranges. The lake is worldwide popular as the Pearl of Siberia and it is also consists of several resorts for the accommodation of the tourists.
Kizhi Island: Counted among the most visited destinations in Russia, Kizhi Island is situated in Karelia city of Northwestern Russia. It is largely famous for its wonderful open-air museum which highlights the cultures of Karelians since the 13th century. It also attracts visitors with wooden houses, windmills, chapels and barns.
Local Festivals in Russia
Put more enjoyment into your tour to Russia by sharing celebrations with the people here during local festivals.
Noviy God: It is the most popular Russian festival which is celebrated during the New Year time. The biggest attraction of the song dedicated to the New Year tree that sung by Father Frost or the Russian Santa Claus and children surrounded him.
Easter: It is also the most-celebrated festival in Russia. It is assumed that this festival brings lots of happiness, joy and belief among the individuals. In typical Russian language, this festival is known as ‘Paskha’ and it is a sacred week of Resurrection of Christ.

Victory Day Parade: This day is celebrated on May 9 of every year in Moscow city of Russia. During this day, the President of the country sends congratulatory letters to all war veterans alongside parades and feasts dedicated to those people who fought for the security of the country.