Visit Mediterranean Island of Capri to Add Something Special to Your Vacations

Mediterranean Island of Capri, a worth-to-be-visited tourist hub, has been explored by hundreds of thousands of the visitors over the years. Located in Tyrrhenian Sea, it is an admiring tourist place, where as a travel lover, you should be aim to visit. Not only the travel vacationers even intellectuals, writers and artists have explored such awesome destination and being able to gain new experience of their life. If you want to describe the beauty of Capri, then you must do a concoction of nature, culture, history and events with the purpose of elaborating the magnificence of this place in whole perfection.

Capri has been converted into resort since the time of the Roman Republic and its adornment has been done through the features like Marina Piccola, the Belvedere of Tragara, the Limestone Crags, the Town of Anacapri, the ruins of the Imperial Roman Villas and the Blue Grotto. More to its features, the Mediterranean Island of Capri is a constituent part of Campania region, a Province of Naples. The Island has two harbours - Marina Grande, which is its main port and Marina Piccola. The place contains large, limestone and sandstone rock.

Historical Background 

Scholars have no equal thoughts regarding the origin of the name - Capri. Some of them believe that it has been derived from the Greek word ‘Kapros’, which means wild boar but others have a view that it belongs to a Latin word - ‘Capreae’, means goats. This beautiful Island was discovered by Caesar Augustus during 29 BC. During this time, Augustan Rule spread its influence throughout the region. He was followed by Tiberius who was known for the construction of 12 villas between 27 and 37 A.D. The most famous of them was Villa Jovis, which has been one of the best-kept Roman villas in Italy. After the Roman Empire, the inhabitants start invaded Capri in which the first was the Greek "Teleboi" during 8th Century BC.

Come to its recent history, Capri was occupied by French soldiers under Napoleon in 1806. But subsequently, they were ousted by the British in the same year. However, French re-conquered this Island in 1808 and settled there until the end of Napoleonic era in 1815. During the First World War, Capri was very famous with wealthy gay men especially when John Ellingham Brooks and E.F. Benson shared a villa here. Nowadays, Capri is largely popular as a resort where scores of visitors come to spend their holidays particularly in the months of July and August.

Main Tourist Sites of Capri 

If you have a desire to make your holidays among the most memorable days of your life, then come to Capri and gather countless memorable moments from there. Don't waste your time in listing the main tourist sites of Capri because this awesome destination has plenty of them. As a travel vacationer, you should plan many days to explore the magnificent destination of Capri.
The place of Capri is very famous for its majestic landscape destinations such as Arco Naturale - Pizzolungo, Marina Grande, Tragara, La Migilera, Le Boffe, Belvedere Cannone, Punta Carena and Faro (Lighthouse), the Philosophical Park, the Path of Forts in Anacapri and many more.

Furthermore, the travellers can also explore its awesome flora and fauna. The presence of the Mediterranean Bush, the arboreal euphorbia and the Ilex Wood is enough to describe how much the flora of the place, Capri, is so beautiful? It is wonderfully complimented by awesome fauna of Capri which can be explained through different species of animals and birds. The blue lizard of the Faraglioni is among the most famous species for the travellers.


If you have started planning for your vacations at Capri Island, then don’t need to be worried about the accommodation there. A number of hotels of varied categories are placed at this Island which will offer you lavishing accommodation at their state-of-the-art ambiance. You can choose anyone of these hotels in Capri to find out the accommodation as per your budget:

Punta Tragara, Capri Palace Hotel & SPA, Caesar Augustus, La Scalinatella e Casa Morgano, Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa, Best Western Hotel Syrene, Excelsior Parco, Hotel Della Piccola Marina, Relais Maresca, Villa Sanfelice, Alla Bussola, La Residenza, Luna and many more.

Famous Restaurants at Capri

Al Caprì, Al Chiaro di Luna (Hotel La Vega), Al Grottino - Via Longano, Aurora - Via Fuorlovado, Buca di Bacco - Via Longano, Buonocore - Via V. Emanuele, Capri - Via Roma, Capri Moon - Via Marina Grande, Capri Pasta - Via Parroco Canale, Capri Street Food - Via Roma, D'Amore - Via Fuorlovado, Da Giorgio - Via Roma, Da Luigi - Via Faraglioni, Da Tonino - Via Dentecala and Donna Rachele.

Annual Events

Capri Hollywood, Eventi Villa San Michele, Premio San Michele, Premio Faraglioni, Premio Cari dell Enigma, Maraton del Golfo Capri, Capri Art Film Festival (every April since 2006), Festival of San Costanzo (Capri patron saint) - May 14, Festival of Sant’Antonio (Anacapri patron saint) - June 13, Capri Tango Festival (every June since 2007), International Folklore Festival (Anacapri) - August, Settembrata Anacaprese (Anacapri harvest festival) - September, Capri International Film Festival (every late December/early January since 1995).

Important Facts of Capri

Country: Italy
Province: Naples
Location: Tyrrhenian Sea
Total Area: 10.4 km2
Latitude: 40°33′00″N
Longitude: 14°14′00″E
Population: 12,200 (2002)