Visit Top Five Destinations in Greece and Convert Your Holidays into Memorable Days of Your Life

Greece has gained its reputation as the most popular holiday destination not only in south-eastern Europe but also in the entire world. It is a prime paradigm of wonderful climate, great historical background, gaudy culture and beautiful sun-kissed beaches. For those people, who are staying in Europe, enjoys even more with the beauty of Greece because they have quick and uncomplicated way of reaching at the country. However, there are many people who are planning to visit Greece for the first time. Thus, these are the five best travel places in Greece which has been witnessing a large number of international visitors.


Perhaps, the most visited and most beautiful travel destination in Greece is Athens. It is the city which has been worldwide popular for its cultural heritage and vast transport links ensuring convenience for the travel vacationers to more travel around the place. As a traveller, you can plan out to visit some of the fascinating sightseeing attractions of Greece such as the Theatre of Dionysus, the Parthenon and the Agora. Besides visiting to these places, you can also visit at its museums for instance New Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.


After finishing your sightseeing tour in Athens, you can further travel towards Delphi, located around 2 hours from Athens. It has historical significance as it was the place of the sacred oracle in ancient period. Your journey to Delphi should include tourist hubs like Mount Parnassus and Apollo. One can also halt at its famous museum comprised of vital information for the holiday seekers. So visit this destination and add more joy to your vacations at Greece.


The third place that has to be considered while travelling to Greece is Peloponnese. It is a peninsula situated in the southern region of the country. As a traveller, you enjoy visiting at its various temples, palaces, ruins, temples and many more, which are the result of different inhabitants of different cultures and civilizations, who stayed at this place during prehistoric period. The place also has the reputation of being the first city to host Olympic Games, Olympia in 776 BC. So, exploring this awesome destination in Greece would be a special experience for you.


Crete is an awe-inspiring place due to its amazing atmosphere, landscape and scrumptious food. In fact, this place is often found in most of the tour packages of Greece. It reflects the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country along with nature’s beauty presented in the shape of sun-kissed beaches. If you are travelling around Crete, then you should know that you are exploring Greece’s largest island. Whether you have come with your beloved or with entire family, this place has so much to offer you.


While preparing a tour plan to Greece, you should not miss the place of Thessaloniki into your travelling list. It is a must-visit place as it is often described as the cultural capital of Greece. By coming here, you can involve yourself in the vibrant social events, nightlife and festivals besides visiting to its historical and modern attractions. The city of Thessaloniki witness scores of travel vacationers from different corners of the world on regular basis.

Thus, Greece is the destination which has many things to offer to the travellers of different places and different purposes. While moving around at this beautiful part of the world, you will have moments of your lifetime, which you don’t want to forget at any phase of your life.