Yoga Ensures Health Is Wealth

Yoga is not just about learning physical poses, as assumed in the western world. It is more than just that. It is an ancient tradition that had its origin thousands years ago. In India, yoga has been practiced as a lifestyle by many people because it makes stronger to them not just physical wise but also mentally. It not only cures various kinds of diseases rather it also increases our internal strength to prevent those diseases from entering into our body. Thus, yoga has been a survivor for us through which we can easily get away from any health problem irrespective of small or big.

Yoga is generally comprised of two parts i.e. internal and external. The internal aspect of yoga makes us strong from inside through ‘pranayama’. There are many pranayamas in Yoga but the major of them are Kapalbhati, Anulom - Vilom, Bhastrika, Agnisaar, Baahiye, Brahmari and Udgeet. By practicing only these seven main pranayamas, we can protect us from different kinds of health problems. Also, these internal exercises of yoga help us to concentrate on meditation. We need to practice these pranayamas with a well-balanced speed while taking and releasing breath. Doing pranayama early in the morning is always beneficial to us.

The second aspect of Yoga is related with external exercise in which we practice ‘Asanas’. According to the Indian Philosophy of Yoga, the numbers of ‘Asanas’ or physical poses are equivalent to the numbers of birds and animals we have in the planet. However, we cannot practice all of them but we can do is to select few of them which we can practice on daily basis. Asanas like Surya Namaskaar, Chakrasana, Halasna, Tadasna, Pashtimotanasna and some light exercises can be practiced on constant basis. They will certainly help to us to have an ideal physique.

Another main aspect of Yoga is acupressure. According to this health technique, we can care many health problems by pressuring only the main points of our hands and legs. We can do such exercises on ourselves or under the guidance of the professional.

We all have belief in God and we not forget to pray to the Almighty every day at the temple. Thus, we should pray for our body like it has everything for us. It is not a hyperbole to say that ‘Health is Wealth’. It is a truth because if we are not healthy, we can’t live in this world. Please devote at least half an hour to your body on every morning and see no disease can touch your body. So do yoga and improve your flexibility, strength and balance.